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    The Locker Room Gym CorkDo you lack motivation? Do you find yourself getting bored? Do you need someone to push you harder to get the results you want?. This is very common, and one of the best ways to beat this is to book some Personal Training Sessions. Here at The Locker Room we have great instructors available, that you can book privately and they will stay by your side for a full session, pushing you to work harder, and making sure you do the right exercises to get the results you want.

    The Locker RoomIf you don’t fancy working one on one with a personal trainer, why not get a friend or another member to book with you, and work together with the personal trainer. It really does make a difference having someone to help you through your workout. You don’t have to get a personal training session every time you come to the gym.

    If you have a big event coming up and want to get fast results it is probably best to book a number of personal training sessions together. Otherwise, booking a personal trainer every so often can be great to motivate you, give you fresh ideas, make working out fun and interesting or even just as a treat to yourself.

    Slimline Plus Inch Loss Programme
    At The Locker Room participants on the Slimline Plus Inch Loss Programme start and progress together throughout the 6 weeks supporting and sharing experiences with each other.The programme is specially designed so that you can decide what time you want to work out – any time and day of the week. A new you is only 6 weeks.

    The Facts - 53% of the adult male population & 33% of the adult female population in Ireland are overweight according to the Irish Heart Foundation & the Department of Health. Consequently The Locker Room has developed a weight management programme which is a certain, effective way of reducing weight & maintaining the loss long term. Once you follow the programme that is both simple & sustainable you will see great results. During the 6 week course participants can expect to lose weight, lose inches and enhance their health and energy levels.
    The secret lies in balancing food intake with exercise.
    Below are some examples of what can be achieved:

    Both exercise & healthy eating habits are integral parts of the Programme which act to:
    • Change your muscle to fat ratio & increase your rate of metabolism
    • Help you understand which foods work best for you personally
    Long-term weight management is NOT achieved through starvation dieting. The Irish Heart Foundation has warned of the dangers of any diet that encourages a cycle of starvation & binging. These yo-yo diets are associated with increased risk of heart disease. If you are genuinely interested in managing your weight & maintaining a healthy physique in a safe, effective manner, The Locker Room Slimline Plus Inch Loss Programme which combines exercise with healthy eating is the only sure method.

    Guaranteed Effective - The Locker Room Slimline Plus Inch Loss Programme works because:
    • It provides nutritionally sound healthy eating habits which do not allow anyone to reduce his/her food intake below the medically recommended level.
    • The exercise circuit is personally tailored to your needs
    • You will be monitored and motivated to achieve your goals
    • The Locker Room facilities make it easy and fun to workout
    • Our staff have excellent experience and knowledge to help you get results
    • Reward yourself after each workout by relaxing in our spa facilities.

    What does it involve? - The 6 week programme involves your participation in 3 sessions per week , all fun, easy to do & maintain.
    At least 2 sessions per week should be completed at The Locker Room, with the option of doing your 3rd session as an outdoor activity.

    Monitoring - Before you start the Programme, weight, body fat and body shape will all be measured. Each session you will be weighed before each workout. A food diary will be provided to allow you to track your eating habits, and this will be reviewed regularly. The Locker Room staff will closely monitor your progress and at the end of the 6 weeks you will receive a report with all your improvements plain to see.

    Exercise - You will follow a specially designed fat burning programme 2 – 3 times per week in The Locker Room. The exercise shall be Heart Rate controlled to ensure that you maximize your fat burning. Each session will also involve toning exercises using the excellent, easy to use Keiser resistance equipment. There are 3 stages in the programme, allowing you to progress every 2 weeks.

    Healthy Eating - At each session you will be given a specially designed daily eating plan. This gives you the perfect balanced eating plan to ensure that you get all your necessary nutrients, and gives great tips & practical advice on weight loss management & energy levels.
    You take these home with you, and by the end of the six weeks you will have over 14 days of meal plans. This is key to the success of the programme, and is what makes The Locker Room Slimline Plus different from all other fat loss solutions.

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